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Our Story

Mahoski Gourmet Foods is run by a small family, Robert and Amy Mahoski, in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. We believe in "good old fashioned" homemade baked goods and that nothing you buy in a store today will compare to it. Our items are baked fresh, from scratch, and do not contain chemicals and added preservatives that most store shelf items have in them. Most of our recipes have been handed down through generations of family and are tried and true to old fashioned flavor. We are licensed by the Department of Agriculture.


Most of our recipes are over 80 years old. It's all scratch right down to all our cake icing which is perfect & not too sweet. We have standards for our products if it doesn't meet our standards that product doesn't leave the premises. We do a lot of fundraisers for schools, churches, children, cancer and animals. If you have any questions feel free to contact us via Facebook or E-mail. Thank you very much and have a sweet day.

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